Harsh Truths I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When I First Got Sick

You don’t have to be healthy to go after the things you want in life, but you’re probably still not going to get them.

It’s fucked up, but you will spend a lot of time wishing you had cancer.

You will spend the rest of your life grieving the person you were before you were sick & the life they could’ve had.

The quicker you learn to grieve someone’s death, the easier your life will be.

When you get sick, life does go on. It just goes on without you.

Just because they are a doctor doesn’t mean they get to touch you like that.

Just because they are a doctor doesn’t mean they know better than you. It’s your body & you have to advocate for it.

Pride is a privilege you do not get when you are sick.

If you die trying to achieve something you still don’t get it. 

People cannot empathize with something they’ve never experienced.

The quantity of your life doesn’t matter if the quality sucks.

Beware of people who try to cure you, they’ll blame you & claim you asked for it when they realize you can’t be cured. 

They may be the one with the medical degree, but if you catch something they don’t you better fucking speak up before it’s too late.

Don’t bother trying to be the “good” patient & embrace being the “bad” patient. It’ll save you in emergency situations.

Non sick people will use your shitty health as a reason to justify fucking you over & will say it’s your fault for not understanding your circumstances when you call them out on it.

It doesn’t matter if your body can’t carry a baby, your doctors will still say that your hypothetical future husband’s right to try for a biological child naturally trumps your need for a treatment that will save your life.

The value of your life didn’t decrease when you got sick no matter how many times people try to convince you it did.

No one gives a shit as much as you do about your health getting in the way of your life & you’re wasting your time trying to get them to.

Get used to people telling you they’d rather be dead than live your life, it happens daily.

Featured Photo by Rylie Janzarek. | A version of this story was originally shared to Instagram for Headache and Migraine Awareness Month.

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