I first got into activism during the 6 years I spent bedridden from my multiple diseases. It was a way for me to fight back against the thing that was keeping me from being able to live my life. When I finally recovered enough to move out of my parents house and start college, I stepped away from my advocacy to focus on acting. Not long after moving my health began to spiral out of control and soon enough I found myself having to choose between putting my life on hold to focus on my health or pushing through and risk being put on bed rest.

I was pissed, but I also wasn’t about to spend another day on bed rest. So while I went through 6 months of an intense treatment schedule, I channeled all that rage into writing my first original one act play titled SuicideSnap. At this time I was also once again becoming heavily involved with the online chronic illness and disability communities. A few months later I became an Ambassador for a nonprofit organization called Suffering The Silence.

Through my work as an STS Ambassador, I have been able to both organize and participate in multiple storytelling nights that feature stories about different aspects of life with a chronic illness or disability. I have also had the opportunity to participate in their #MarchingWithMe Initiative at the Women’s March, Disability Pride Parade in NYC, and M.E. Action Protests.

Featured Photo by Jen Brister