Two days after graduating acting school in May of 2017, Ali had to begin treatment full time to manage her diseases. For 6 months she dedicated most of her time trying everything from physical therapy and medications to IV ketamine infusions and hypnotherapy. When she wasn’t at an appointment she would spend her time tracking every symptom, everything that went in her body, how much rest she needed, which at home remedies helped, on the phone with insurance companies, or sitting on the floor of bookstores reading medical textbooks trying to understand everything she could about her diseases.  Eventually, it all began to take it’s toll so she added art therapy to her regimen.

She began booking studio time and channeling everything going on with her health into her art. Within a few months she had completed her first original one act play titled SuicideSnap. After going into remission, Ali continued to write drafts of short plays and scenes about her experiences with her health. In June of 2018, she directed the premiere of SuicideSnap.

In August 2018, around the time she started coming out of remission, Ali began writing her second original play titled Grace and Dennis. The play was heavily influenced by her 9 years of living with hemiplegic migraines, making it the first play to feature a character with the disease.

Ali’s newest play, A Driving Force Of My Current Depression, explores death, misery, regret, and what people think will make them happy.

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